We want you to get the most out of your purchase. Here's how to make your ball last.

Before each use, use a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap to remove mud and residue.  This will ensure that the grip remains in its optimum condition for the maximum length of time.

Inflation and Air Pressure
All balls should be inflated to the correct pressure of 9.5 psi.

Before use, check your ball's air pressure as changes can occur due to the natural materials used in the bladder of the ball as well as changes in external climate.

Be sure not to over-inflate balls and then reduce the pressure down to 9.5psi – this can cause balls to lose their shape and will affect performance. Once over-inflated, a ball never returns to its original, optimal shape.

A stirrup pump (or another hand pump) is recommended to inflate the balls.  Compressor pumps can lead to over inflation.

Storing your ball in a dry environment will prolong its life.  Though waterproof, when  left in a damp setting, tiny amounts of water will accumulate inside the ball and eventually increase its weight. This ultimately affects performance on the field and decreases the life span of the ball!

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