There are a variety of Rugby balls used for different scenarios.

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Rugby balls are made in a variety of sizes and materials.  Whether it's a match ball, training ball, beach ball, or development ball, we've got you covered. We carry an impressive variety of balls for all ages and styles. 

Rugby ball sizes:  
Size 5:  Ages 15 + (285mm length and 585mm girth)
Size 4:  Ages 10-14 (275mm length and 545mm girth)
Size 3:  Ages 7-9 (255mm length and 535mm girth)

Match balls are typically firmer than training balls when fully inflated, and usually have an improved grip.  As well, greater care is taken to assure the symmetry and overall shape of the ball.   Therefore, match balls are usually more expensive than training ball and are not recommended for everyday use. 

Training balls are perfectly suited for practice. They are slightly softer than match balls when fully inflated, which makes it easier to catch repeatedly. Training balls are often significantly less expensive than match balls, but are more than sufficient for practicing and are much better at withstanding the rigors of everyday use. 

Beach balls are composed of softer materials more suited for the terrain. 

Development balls are a growing section of training balls. Development balls can be weighted, tethered, or flat-paneled.  Each unique feature is designed to facilitate growth in skill and technique.

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