Rugby shorts are specifically designed for the toughness of the game.  They need to withstand a lot of physical abuse from pulling and tearing. Soccer shorts and other types of gym shorts are usually not rugged enough to handle the requirements of the game and are too stretchy for use in the line out and scrum. Rugby shorts tend to be made of stiffer, more durable materials such as 100% cotton twill or Climalite.  

Rugby shorts need to fit properly because the material is less stretchy and can hinder leg movement. Shorts with pockets are available, but pocketless shorts can fit better. Rugby shorts are traditionally short by design to allow more range of motion, but longer short styles are available.  We partner with top manufacturers to ensure that we have the most up to date shorts for our players.   At World Rugby Shop, you'll find the best variety of the most technical shorts on the market.

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